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Antoine is a trained nature guide with a background in nature conservation and anthropology. His passion for the natural world and the human communities within it has taken him around the world, from his homeland of Belgium to the Amazon, the Tunisian desert, the jungles of Borneo, the highlands of Papua, the cave dwelling communities in Andalucia and more. Being an outsider in Scotland allows him to look at the role of nature in Scottish culture with fresh eyes. His enthusiasm and love of nature are sure to inspire you and leave the tour with lots of new found knowledge and a sense of wonderment at the oddities of the natural world. 

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What people are saying

“Antoine's tour had a light, deft touch, but his insights and folklore will stay with me far longer than those delivered in any formal lecture. Perfectly pitched, fun and highly recommended"
Kate Woodward
“Antoine is super knowledgeable and informative about nature, and manages to combine a great mix of curiosity and accessible learning with interactive conversation and enthusiasm.”
Olivia Beirne
International Best-Selling Author
“Antoine was very knowledgeable and good at catering to the needs of a group with diverse interests. Even though it was rainy the time flew by and I learnt a lot.”
Dr Monique Davies
“You could just walk in the magical forests of Galloway, enjoying the sights and sounds of Nature, and go home happy. Or you can do the same in the delightful company of Antoine, and see everything with fresh eyes, hear sounds you might have missed, learn from him the deep secrets of the trees and plants, and the ancient mythology hidden beneath their surface. And you might even not only avoid fatal poisoning, but go home with a small sample of delicious fungus for your supper. Trust me – that’s the way to do it: walk and learn with Alouette Nature Tours.”
Prof. Irving Benjamin
““We had a great nature tour with Antoine who is really knowledgeable about trees, mushrooms and birds. It was fascinating to learn about different bird calls and which mushrooms are safe to eat! It didn’t matter that it was raining during the tour, we were all held captivated by all the tiny details in nature and had a lot of fun ! I can thoroughly recommend one of his tours. Thanks Antoine!””
Anne Barber, Nürenberg

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